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“Eight” & The Enneagram

February 15, 2019

New song debut: "Eight" - the 24th song (of 25) in my Atlas: Year Two series, and the 8th song in the Enneagram chapter - a song for each of the nine unique and beautiful Enneagram types.

In this episode, I tell the birth story of "Eight" - piece by piece, I explain the heart, intention and inspiration behind each lyric and sound in this song, and discuss who these secretly soft and incredibly powerful Enneagram Type Eights are with resident Enneagram master (and a type Eight!), Chris Heuertz.

Show Notes:

Get the song: "Eight" everywhere music is!

Chris Heuertz' "The Sacred Enneagram" Book:
Phileena Heuertz' "Mindful Silence" Book:
Phileena Heuertz' "Pilgrimage of the Soul" Book:

Sleeping At Last songs referenced:

"October 30th, 2018: Kepler - Goodnight":
"When We're Together" Cover:
"December 17th, 2018: Farout":
"It Don't Come Easy" Cover:

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